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Bloody Holidays: Valentine’s Day (Teaser)

Filmed and edited by Olivier Lebourg.
Starring Michelle Prenez and Jaimie Fauth.

One Night Stand – Trojan spec commercial

Written by Michelle Prenez
Directed by Olivier Lebourg and Michelle Prenez
Filmed and edited by Olivier Lebourg
Music: L.O.V.E by V.V. Brown – ©2010 Universal-Island Records

Libertine by Mylène Farmer

Epic, beautifully shot, over the top, full of nudity and featuring one of the best girl on girl fights.
French pop singer Mylène Farmer and director Laurent Boutonnat released this Barry Lyndon-esque gem in 1986 and I fell in love.


Screen shot 2011-02-04 at 4.51.13 PM + high-res version

It’s perverted. It’s ridiculous. It’s twisted. It’s hilarious and whether you’re ready or not, Action Figure Theater is coming…

  • LL04-Grab-Physical-2
  • LL04-Grab-TMZ-Studio
  • LL04-Grab-she-hulk-Paparrazi
  • LL04-Grab-Sailor-Paparrazi
  • LL04-Grab-Rainbow-Tux

Super TMZ 2 is coming

In the category “How I spend my weekends”, here are a few pics from a skit I shot with Chris Tormo, Michelle Prenez, Jennifer Wenger and a few other friends.
The video is being edited right now and should be up within the next few days…
Now the question is… Are you ready for it?
And the answer is… Probably not!
I hope you enjoy the ridiculousness of this little preview…